The Cabin

 The cabin, pond and stream were built in 2003 on my 8 acre farm.  The cabin is furnished in a inviting, quaint style that will transport you to a more relaxing time (before technology and smart phones).  

 Grab a cold bottle of water from the fridge, or make a hot cup of tea, and take a seat on the porch to listen to the bubbling sound of the stream. 

A Place to RELAX

Praising Hearts Farm

Cyndie with Chloe the "Official Greeter". 

 Flamey thinks she is a dog and is the
"Official Lt. Greeter". 

 Patty says "please stop tickling me".
She stays in back to guard the sheep. 

 We are a fully functioning sheep farm and have lambs and sheep for sale at various times.   

 Is lamb sitting part of my guard dog duties? 

 Toki with her twins Rocky and Roxy.